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(3) Resize your Picture and Save it...

Guide to shrink images

1. Select Image from your hard drive.

Select the picture or photo that you want to shrink from your hard drive.

After you have taken all the settings the image is directly sent to the server. This can take some time depending on the size of the file. The file is not saved. That ensures anonymity.

2. Choose Size and quality of the desired image set.

In the second step, select the maximum size of the longest edge of the desired image. Specify this value in pixels. A pixel is a single point of your screen.

In addition to the size of your Picture, you can influence the quality of the image. The default selection is enough for a good reduction of the size. Should you put special emphasis on a high quality, select the highest level. If a small file size is important, please choose the lowest quality level.

3. Save reduced image on the hard disk.

You confirm your entries in the third step. After pressing the "resize" Button you send the image to our servers. We shrink the photo or image immediately and will send back a down-scaled version. Save the received file on your hard disk. Done!