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About the Idea of resizing photos and images

Digital images and photos are not just a collection of pixels, digital pictures are much more electronic photos of children, grandchildren, or grandmother. Digital photos are very large snapshots of the birthday of the uncle, the last company parties, small memories of the last large or small vacation. Photos are unique memories and "Proof" of the relatives, colleagues and friends.

Some of these recordings are used to illustrate documents, presentations, or greeting cards. Often, digital recordings give a friend the finishing touches. Many of these to great eMails go every day around the globe and clog pipes and crowd to small mailboxes and often need very long to be sent or received. Photos and pictures from today's digital cameras are much too large generally for everyday use but particularly for sending by eMail and must previously be decrease. Experience has shown that a simple program to reduce the size of these photos and images whenever you might need it, exists.

Since Verkleinern.de, this is not an excuse. Verkleinern.de they can resize your digital photos and images online. Select the photo or image from your hard drive. Select the size you want. 500 Pixels for the longest side, are usually sufficient. And resize your image. You can save the scaled-down photo effortlessly as jpeg.

So, you have reduced your photo without loss of quality easily, quickly and free of charge. Yes, it is true. With verkleinern.de you can shrink your digital recordings without an experienced computer expert,